Maria G. Pisano

Artist Books, Prints, and Workshops


As a book artist I am continuing the tradition of books as keepers of our collective memory, using the format, in its myriad transformative powers, to express and reflect my world. As an artist I bring forth works that respond to a theme through structure as well as text and image. My works challenge the traditional book form in both reading and presentation, not following a prescribed pattern. The subjects and my interpretation of the theme drive these works of art.

Visual and structural patterns within nature and cultures are recurring themes in my work. We build structures to protect that which is within, to hide, conceal and transform. I assemble memories, realities and present them in a physical, concrete and tactile object called a book, to resonate and create the link between the constant personal journey as an artist and as a traveler. This is not to record a linear destination, but a search that evokes the gathering of layers of experiences. The resulting landscape is one of continual flux where the colors, patterns, wear and tear, all speak of time, memory and history. My art has evolved from two-dimensional work to sculptural books, integrating societal strictures and patterns. These artifacts are interwoven with personal experiences and memories where language and symbolic representations are intertwined.