Maria G. Pisano

Artist Books, Prints, and Workshops


Snake uses a haiku, written by the artist, to express the momentary or lasting impressions one leaves behind in daily encounters and travels. Whenever we go or whomever we meet, we leave a mark, a tangible moment. A miniature book which when closed measures 2 3/4″W x 2 1/2″H (75mm x 65mm); fully opened measures 28″ long. Handmade paper with a watermark especially designed for this book, is used. Using abaca fibers beaten very fine, and coloring the pulp to a light tint, the sheets were pulled, cut and then assembled to make the design. The artist designed the unique double concertina structure with central supports, to carry the motif and the movement of the book. Edition of 25, Memory Press © 1998.