Maria G. Pisano

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Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi – A book in which the narrative recreates memories and questions how they are reassembled when they resurface, giving glimpses to interior landscapes and creating layers of personal architectural environments. The book has nine images and one page superimposing a poem on the image. The book format is concentric, each page folding inward continuously onto the next page creating a nesting of memories.

The images and text are letterpress printed, the exterior of the wraparound cover is intaglio printed and the interior design is paste papers. Book fully opened: 11″ x 72″. It is bound with 3/4″ paste paper strips along the fore edge. Page 1 is 8.5″W x 11″H, with each subsequent page being 1/8″ smaller in width than the previous one, with page 9 measuring 7.5″ wide, while the height remains constant throughout. The cover is pamphlet stitched. The book was designed, printed and bound by the artist. Enclosed in a phase box. Copyright © 1995 Memory Press