Maria G. Pisano

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O-Livre Twist

O-Livre Twist, an altered book, is a response to book censorship. When books are censored, culture and history are erased. The work takes the destruction of a book to the extreme, literally altering it through pulping and creating a package that no longer has legible meaning.

A children’s copy of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist was torn into small pieces and pulped. The paper was not fully macerated, tantalizing the reader with some original words. Once hydrated, sheets were formed in 3 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ sizes. When dried, the paper was strengthened with acrylic matte finish. The spine of the book, when the pages were torn, was left with a 1/4″ paper still attached along its length. A hole was drilled through the center of this piece and both it and the pages are held together with a screw and wing nut. Open miniature edition. Copyright © 2001 Memory Press.