Maria G. Pisano

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Theatre of Operation

Theater of Operations is a response to the first gulf war, although the sentiments expressed can relate to all conflicts.  Divided into three sections, each section designed as the letters W – A – R. Each letter is made up of 8 pages cut into successive additive shapes to form the entire design, and give the gestalt of that letter, forming a stage when opened. The structure reflects the naming of the location of battlefields as the theatre. A stage is set up for the audience to respond and observe. Printed on acidic paper, as a reminder of the value we bestow on human lives in a war. It comes in a sealed envelope, and it must be torn open to remove the book, with the recipient becoming complicit in an act of destruction. Spiral bound on two sides with GBC binding combs. The pages of the book open laterally on both the right and the left. One can look at it like a traditional book, by leafing through the page on alternate sides, or it can be viewed as a stage with information in the wings. Laser printed, measuring 24″ W x 5.5″ H x 1 1/8″ Th, open edition. Copyright © 2006 Memory Press.